Re Dr Clive Hathaway Travis


"Enjoyable and Informative Session"
"Very honest and brave presentation. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you"
"I felt he was very courageous and gave insight into this area especially for when dealing with clients in the future"
"Excellent, extremely useful"
"Very brave. The information was useful. A good experience for me to listen to this person"
"I learnt that it is possible to enjoy illness and that paranoia does not always mean that a patient is scared. Very informative. Nice to hear from a user's perspective"
"I really enjoyed the session. It helped me to see it as a user does"
"A very brave approach to his mental health issues. Excellent feedback from a service user perspective"
"Very interesting"
"It was very good and useful to hear about this from a service user perspective. Really inspiring. He's so brave!"
"Destroyed lots of stereotypes"
"The medical model isn't always right and you proved that. Thanks for comng to share your experience"