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Emails recently received:

Dear Dr Webcat

Would Clive like to have my song The Fall available as a free download from his website? It was written about someone I visited in hospital where she had been sectioned. She was on Largactil and I felt an instant connection with her. I was accompanying a friend visiting her. I felt a great similarity between us the only difference probably being a tiny turn that she had taken and I had not. I wanted to mix her/my story with that of Eve and Alice. Unfortunately, I never knew her name and never could tell her that she had inspired the song.

x Caroline

Dr Webcat's Opinion (Dr Webcat has no formal medical qualifications)

Yes but for the grace of God there go a lot of people. There is known to be a genetic component of schizophrenia. Clive's father is a coeliac (he can't digest gluten). That condition is well known to be linked to paranoid schizophrenia. But did you know there are many examples of identical twins where only one of them develops paranoid schizophrenia? In fact if you have an identical twin with paranoid schizophrenia you have only a 48% chance of getting it yourself- which obviously tells you something.

Clive is familiar with Largactil. It is the liquid form of Chlorpromazine and for Clive it was entirely intolerable to the point of him preferring suicide to having to take it on an ongoing basis. God only knows how he kept going through those years of side effect misery. You could hardly do it for £50,000 an injection. Not after one anyway!

Clive is absolutely delighted to put up your song (from your excellent 2nd album Brilliant Midnight) on his site and if anyone would like to they can click on your site here or download the song by clicking here

Clive always likes to boast how you put his name in between Peter Gabriel and Nigel Kennedy on your first album!
Dear Dr Webcat

Happily, I got your email address from "Bunger", Dr Webcat. The site is as uplifting a piece of work as one is likely to find on this dubious network. I was reminded of two friends of mine (you may remember Steve Treby or Karl?) who did, in the end, take their lives. I saw at first hand their suffering and to this day the only real worry I carry with me is that my daughter Lily, twelve last October, will suffer the horror and indignity of schizophrenia. It was Karl who, one summer's day in our garden at Castle Road baited me with the challenge of taking just one of his daily intake of four pills of Chlorpromazine. I took up the challenge with the reward of being reduced to a frozen dummy for around eight hours. I could move my eyes but my body had apparently just seized up. Frightened I was and totally astonished at the fact that Karl took four of these a day. Years later at a party I got into conversation with a psychiatrist and told him the story and he told me that Chlorpromazine mimics Parkinson's disease! I have fought shy of challenges ever since. Well getting out of bed in the morning is still a bugbear. Love, Laurie

Dr Webcat's Opinion

I didn't know Steve Treby personally, I was a kitten when he died. But Clive knew him well as a personal friend and mentions him in his book. Don't worry too much about Lily: things have improved a lot. Who knows? One day she may be a FORMER PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIC like the artist who painted Clive and took the very naughty and unhealthy smoking picture elsewhere on this site!

Chlorpromazine is a derivative of phenothiazine, a substance discovered in 1883, and used as an insecticide and to kill parasites. There seems little doubt that it has also killed many human beings (though no cats I hope) and the drug should carry a Public Health Warning. The scandal of Chlorpromazine and the other "typical" antipsychotics is bigger than Dr Shipman and the murderous cover-up conspiracy between the medical profession and the coroner the worst thing since the Holocaust. The victims of this conspiracy should have their own place on the Cenotaph. But you should never take medicine prescribed for another person or animal, or encourage somebody to take medication prescribed for you. In Clive's book he mentions a near fatal example of a person prescribed Animal Use Only penicillin in darkest Africa. The vet had not been trained to ask animals if they were allergic to a drug. In extreme cases, Chlorpromazine being one, taking somebody else's medication can result in suicide. Taking somebody else's medication can also kill or deform your baby, make you commit a terrorist act and then drop dead, not necessarily in that order. Fancy an Olanzapine?


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